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Chapter 303 Distributing The Tokens divide distribution
“I Then shall commence handing the tokens now.”
Cultivation Online
“Let’s also return.” Longer Yijun believed to them.
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In total, there had been 150 tokens handed out by Older Nie, meaning there will only be 150 partic.i.p.ants joining the Mystic Realm.
Even so, another competitor termed in the market to Yuan after several actions.
Altogether, there were clearly 150 tokens passed out by Older person Nie, this means there will only be 150 partic.i.p.ants getting into the Mystic World.
Yuan’s physique subconsciously ended strolling and made about after hearing his name staying known as out by an unfamiliar-sounding tone of voice.
Every time they ended up confident that Mature Nie would not suddenly returning, the ma.s.sive formation started breaking apart plus the sects came back on their own accommodations.
“Positioned ninth, Heavenly Totem Sect, 2 tokens.”
“You positive have a lot of close friends, Disciple Yuan.” Elder Xuan said to him afterward.
Just after taking a profound breath, Senior citizen Nie spoke, “Graded primary, Heaven and The planet Palace, 7 tokens.”
“I’ll do whatever it requires to view your facial area, Person Yuan! See ya in the Mystic Realm! Hahaha!” The ball player laughed out deafening because he disappeared into your distance.
Immediately after labeling the highest ten sects, Mature Nie mentioned, “The remainder of you can be getting one token every.”
“The Mystic Realm will available at dawn down the road, and I won’t be back until then.” Following indicating those words, Senior citizen Nie flew out and quickly vanished coming from the scene, almost like he was very quickly to go anywhere.
‘Oh, perfect! Yu Rou mentioned him the moment before— that leading gamer who obtained the top cultivation foundation.’
“Ranked 6th, Frozen Blade Academy, 3 tokens.”
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Senior Nie then thrown seven rectangular-molded tokens made out of a light blue product that resembled jade with the Sect Master with the Paradise and World Palace.
Yuan considered this goofy-appearing small mankind for a second well before he continuing strolling, entirely disregarding the player.
However, Yuan ended going for walks and changed all over, pondering to themselves, ‘This voice… It appears so familiar…’
“Flaming Fist Sect is found, Senior citizen Nie!”
“Heaven and The planet Palace occurs, Senior Nie!”
“Flaming Fist Sect occurs, Older person Nie!”
When Yuan made all around finally spotted your face with this woman person, his sight widened, and the man nearly blurted out her name in delight.
A few more competitors aimed to technique Yuan as soon as the survive man or woman, but before they might get close, Elder Xuan would always stand on their pathway and obstruct them, and not just wishing to be surpassed by Elder Xuan, Elder Shan also do precisely the same, even preventing him to block the other players.
“Graded 10th, Precious stone Hands Sect, 2 tokens.”
The participant swallowed nervously upon emotion Elder Xuan’s unseen pressure, and then he thought to change and try to escape.
“Ranked fourth, Azure Phoenix az Sect, 4 tokens.”
“Paradise and World Palace is there, Senior citizen Nie!”

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