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Chapter 108 gainful letter
Lin Yuan was studying the vistas on the suburban vicinity. The Blowing wind Traveling Pigeon was hovering around 25 m in alt.i.tude, although most of the cover vegetation similar to the willow trees were able to attain a height of 20 m. When traveling by air with a very low alt.i.tude, Lin Yuan’s breaths ended up loaded with plant perfume.
Immediately after bidding good bye to Elder Du, Lin Yuan looked at the time and remarked that it absolutely was only 10:00 each day. His scheduled visit with Liu Jie was at 15:00, and then there were five time in the middle.
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Lin Yuan only anxiously waited for just a moment, and also a bright white pigeon having a three-gauge wingspan stopped alongside him. Lin Yuan went over and proved an order on his cellular phone to the Wind Vacation Pigeon. The Force of the wind Holiday Pigeon then shook its wing and put it on a lawn for an indicator for Lin Yuan to obtain onto its back again by moving on its wing.
The brutal-tempered lady quickly bowed to Lin Yuan and constantly thanked him. She then had taken the Revival Ground she got equipped but was actually a minimal reluctant. “Master, recently, our contract was 500 gr of Revival Earth. I have got acquired much more, and this also carrier has 600 grams. Nonetheless, I didn’t get ready the fee for that advancement from Bronze to Sterling silver. I wonder when you can additional us a handful of days…”
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Just after putting in a bid so long to Elder Du, Lin Yuan searched at that time and remarked that it was subsequently only 10:00 each morning. His consultation with Liu Jie was at 15:00, also there were still five hours between.
Just after discussing, Lin Yuan didn’t afford the brutal-tempered woman and her little girl any possiblity to thank him since he had taken the Revival Top soil and remaining the reproduction space.
This case of Revival Earth wasn’t affordable, as a result of the great benefits it got for vegetation-sort feys, its price wasn’t any below yellow gold-level dragon monster blood. A handbag of Revival Earth at 600 grams would most likely call for close to 300 Brilliance bucks. This cost might always be relatively reduce for other Design Experts to treat a Bronze fey’s beginnings, but it wasn’t ridiculously inexpensive. Moreover, the aggressive-tempered gal need to have applied quite the effort to find this travelling bag of Revival Earth.
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As an alternative to praoclaiming that it was subsequently a home, it had been actually a plot of ground that required up 5,000 rectangular meters. Beside the area was a little, gentleman-made lake, plus the lakewater was out of the planting season drinking water along the mountain peak.
This bag of Revival Earth wasn’t cheap, and because of the great added benefits it got for place-style feys, its cost wasn’t any less than rare metal-class dragon monster blood flow. A bag of Revival Soil at 600 grams would probably need near 300 Radiance $ $ $ $. This rate might always be relatively lessen for other Development Masters to heal a Bronze fey’s roots, but it surely wasn’t ridiculously cheaper. In addition, the violent-tempered gal must have employed quite the time and effort to get this handbag of Revival Ground.
Right then, the Blowing wind Traveling Pigeon suddenly simply let out two intense cooing appears.
Lin Yuan needed the Revival Dirt and shook his palm. “100 gr of added Revival Ground will do for that compensation. Furthermore, I am just the one that chose to change the Difficult Leaf Chrysanthemum to Silver and didn’t ask for your thoughts. Therefore, I don’t demand additional pay out.”
Lin Yuan didn’t possess other preparations, so he contacted Liu Jie. After calling him, Liu Jie knowledgeable Lin Yuan that they was currently looking at a home in the suburban location. The contains in the suburban places were relatively secluded, but their ecosystem was excellent.
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Soon after bidding adios to Elder Du, Lin Yuan appeared at the moment and observed that it turned out only 10:00 every day. His consultation with Liu Jie was at 15:00, also there were five many hours between.
The aggressive-tempered woman’s girl is at a daze. She initialized her divine electricity, as well as Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum was withdrawn back in her religious spatial region without obstructions. She was pleasantly impressed but immediately increased her jaws in shock. “My Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum should be Bronze, however it is now Metallic!”
Elder Du was jogging over quickly and laughed heartily because he claimed, “Leaving so rapidly? This charge card is ideal for you. The very next time you review the Noble Capital’s Making Excel at a.s.sociation, you can just current this unit card on the key hall’s attendant, and they can deliver you to see me. Down the road, I will let you handle the things you need.”
The Blowing wind Journey Pigeon obtained advanced in the messenger pigeons right after the Nature Qi Waking up, and also it was a Metallic fey. The traveling by air quickness wasn’t viewed as rapidly, even so the value wasn’t reduced sometimes. One particular profit getaway would charge .5 Brilliance dollars.
The Breeze Vacation Pigeon was an exceptionally well-liked flying fey in the Royal Capital, as well as its special point was that this didn’t want people to management it. The coach simply were required to tell the Breeze Take a trip Pigeon to retrieve the buyer from the a number of area to a specific location.
Lin Yuan had taken the Revival Dirt and shook his palm. “100 grams of added Revival Top soil will do to the salary. In addition, I am just one that decided to change the Rough Leaf Chrysanthemum to Silver and didn’t request your opinions. As such, I don’t demand additional settlement.”
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The Wind power Take a trip Pigeon didn’t take flight great nor quick, but the pace was at least five times faster as opposed to Speed-Hoofed Donkey Automobile. Another one of a kind characteristic of your Blowing wind Travel Pigeon was that0 the travellers could view the surroundings. The objective may very well be for travel, although the prospects on its backside had the ability to appreciate the Royal Capital’s beautiful see.
However right now, she experienced a comfortable lighting which has been relaxing and strong. A small and gifted Design Become an expert in was really so variety in nature. It absolutely was extremely praiseworthy.
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The nearby greenery was rather fantastic way too, and it was truly a location with wonderful landscapes. Nonetheless, it turned out rather hidden, therefore the big component of land’s selling price wasn’t thought of too costly.
Elder Du involuntarily crafted a comparability with Cheng Rui and believed that Cheng Rui was utterly inferior. Upon recalling that he or she had personally conferred the t.i.tle of ‘Tribunal Sun’ to Cheng Rui, Elder Du sensed a using up pain on his encounter.
The Wind flow Vacation Pigeon was a really preferred piloting fey inside the Noble Investment capital, along with its unique stage was so it didn’t need someone to manage it. The personal trainer simply were required to notify the Wind flow Take a trip Pigeon to get the buyer from your a number of area to a particular vacation spot.
As soon as they flew out of your Royal Capital’s location area, they found the upper suburban place. Getting research into the extended distance as well as the Wind power Travel Pigeon’s rate, Lin Yuan projected that he would require around 10 minutes to arrive at the arranged position he was going to talk to Liu Jie.
Every time they flew from the Noble Capital’s city area, they came to the north suburban vicinity. Getting reference point towards the yardage as well as the Force of the wind Vacation Pigeon’s rate, Lin Yuan expected that he or she would require around 15 minutes to achieve the arranged place he was going to talk to Liu Jie.
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So, Lin Yuan decided to meet up with Liu Jie beforehand to check out exactly what the area looked like. After demanding the positioning, Lin Yuan identified as for special transport that was only at the Royal Cash, the Force of the wind Holiday Pigeon.
Lin Yuan needed the Revival Top soil and shook his fretting hand. “100 grams of further Revival Dirt will do to the payment. Furthermore, I am just one which chosen to advance the Difficult Leaf Chrysanthemum to Metallic and didn’t require your opinions. Because of this, I don’t will need additional reimbursement.”
Lin Yuan didn’t have any other preparations, so he contacted Liu Jie. Right after getting in touch with him, Liu Jie advised Lin Yuan that they was currently watching a residence during the suburban place. The contains within the suburban areas have been relatively secluded, but their environment was exceptional.
As soon as they flew right out of the Noble Capital’s metropolis place, they arrived at the northern suburban area. Consuming resource to your long distance and also the Force of the wind Traveling Pigeon’s quickness, Lin Yuan projected that he will need around 10-20 minutes to get to the set up position he would meet up with Liu Jie.
The nearby greenery was rather decent very, and also it was truly a place with fantastic scenery. Even so, it absolutely was rather remote, and so the sizeable component of land’s cost wasn’t considered too expensive.
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Immediately after bidding so long to Elder Du, Lin Yuan looked at the moment and seen that it turned out only 10:00 every day. His scheduled appointment with Liu Jie was at 15:00, there were still five time in between.
Because Lin Yuan was at the Noble Capital, he need all its specialties. Anyone said that a Wind power Travel Pigeon’s rear was more at ease than the softest sleep.
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Following communicating, Lin Yuan didn’t offer the violent-tempered women and her daughter any time to appreciate him when he had taken the Revival Ground and still left the reproduction space.
Considering the fact that Lin Yuan was within the Noble Budget, he need all of its areas. Everyone stated that a Wind Take a trip Pigeon’s backside was more comfortable when compared to the softest bed.
The brutal-tempered woman’s little girl was completely engrossed from the enjoyment of her fey’s healing and advancement, though the brutal-tempered woman’s sight were actually damp again.

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