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Lovelyfiction Dragon King’s Son-In-Law read – Chapter 673 – The Green Lotus Ancient Lamp unruly scarf recommendation-p2
Dragon King's Son-In-Law
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 673 – The Green Lotus Ancient Lamp profuse second-hand
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The large dark colored bull that have hurried to Hao Ren’s part was struck through the appear influx, together with its steel-like skin area was slice open.
Hua! Hua!
“Hahaha! Will we worry a bit kid?” A deep tone of voice came with a wave of fireplace clouds.
The 4 demon kings who are battling fiercely unexpectedly shouted.
Resulting from Woman Zhen’s unfathomable toughness, her force’s name was Crimson Sea, and it was the No.1 Drive during the Demon Water, far more impressive as opposed to Five-Tinted Seas jointly handled by Teng She and Bai Xi.
“Zi Tie, you don’t meet the requirements to talk to me. Even though Tao Tie up is here, I’m not frightened of him!”
As being the two messengers of Young lady Zhen’s Heaven-Confronting Palace, the two of these demon kings rarely made an appearance in the exterior sea. Even so, people were now related a little female who had been biking over the three-legged bird, creating anyone ponder relating to this girl’s ident.i.ty.
Just one single day time before when Duan Yao left his residence, she was for the Main Development World. These days, she was at very low-tier Nascent Spirit World!
“Tao Wu, you hit Tao Tie’s minimal brother. Aren’t you afraid that Tao Tie can certainly make difficulties to suit your needs?” The attractive lady stated gloatingly for the middle-old mankind on Kun Peng.
Hao Ren converted the golden motorboat to your western, but the four demon kings picture out demonic lamps.
Duan Yao moved two hands collectively and aimed them at Tao Wu who possessed fled hundreds and hundreds of meters. The pure fireplace-elemental character basis in their own body burnt off much like a candle whilst the natural green mild coming from the natural green light fixture developed such a long time so it attained Tao Wu.
Several massive demon kings in the Demon Sea got arrive!
More importantly, both massive demon kings whose realms that Hao Ren couldn’t identify stood beside Duan Yao, hunting powerful!
Also, a alarming roar got their start in 1 area, distressing away the high-point demon beasts from the outer seas.
Hao Ren made the wonderful yacht for the western side, nevertheless the four demon kings golf shot out demonic lamps.
“Ji…” Three of the-legged pet bird that Duan Yao rode let out a shrilling-cry.
Both the diverse demonic lighting were all bounced again.
She glanced at Hao Ren, but her gaze and phrase had been chilly.
“Brother Kun Peng, don’t fret. I’ll find the Immortal Tablet for you!” The middle-old male standing on Kun Peng waved his sleeve and said, “It feels that Girl Zhen doesn’t consider this fresh cultivator is really worth her time!”
As the two messengers of Lady Zhen’s Heaven-Confronting Palace, these two demon kings rarely shown up within the outside sea. On the other hand, these people were now associated a fresh young lady who has been cycling for the three-legged pet bird, creating all people wonder regarding this girl’s ident.i.ty.
Gui Che and also the nine-tailed fox applied their procedures and evolved into shadows. Nevertheless, the using up of your divine flame compelled them out. Then, two earth-friendly equipment and lighting hit them, additionally they spat out our blood and dived into your range of the seashore with losing many numerous years of cultivation durability.
On the Demon Water, Bai Ze, Tao Tie, Tao Wu, Teng She, and Bai Xi ended up all eternal demon kings. Kun Peng implemented Tao Wu, but it had been hanging around for a long period in becoming an everlasting demon emperor due to the insufficient chances. It was only half one step within this realm.
The sets off on the substantial heavens expanded to countless perfect blaze.
“Ok. Now, I’ll escort you out from the Demon Ocean,” Duan Yao made to consider Hao Ren and reported.
Some day apart appeared like 36 months! Which had been how Hao Ren noticed!
“Tao Wu, you struck Tao Tie’s tiny sibling. Aren’t you reluctant that Tao Tie can make trouble for you?” The gorgeous gal mentioned gloatingly for the medium-old male on Kun Peng.

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